Do you celebrate enough? No, really—I mean it. Celebration is important. It’s something we should practice regularly. I would go so far as to call it a spiritual discipline. In fact, the Bible is filled with a variety of celebrations. The father of the Prodigal Son hosted a party when the wayward youth returned home to him. Paul and Silas sang and rejoiced in a prison ward “party” that captivated everyone within earshot. Miriam wrote a song to celebrate the crossing of the Red Sea. David danced in celebration when the ark returned to his people. Even Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding reception in order to keep the party going.

In a challenging book, The Life You’ve Always Wanted, John Ortberg describes celebration as one of ten essential practices or disciplines for living the true spiritual life God created for us. If we are not celebrating enough, then we are not praising and thanking God enough.

In his book, The Kingdom of God is a Party, Tony Campolo argues that Christians should be the people who create celebrations wherever they are placed. He writes that whether by words, deeds, or mere presence, followers of Jesus can turn life into a festive occasion that will attract the needy, lonely, sick, and oppressed into the arms of a loving Father.

Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary

This Sunday at ICC, we are going to celebrate the church’s 5th anniversary. We will do so with a potluck breakfast, balloons, and music, along with praise and thanks to the God who makes it all possible. God is the source of real joy. What He’s done for us is worth a party! So, let’s celebrate together!